Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gigi Hadid covers British Vogue

Its a fresh start for supermodel Gigi Hadid, as she covers British Vogue.
She also posed in one of the pages with little brother and upcoming model, Anwar Hadid.

Rihanna against Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Who would you rather...

Six German teenagers found dead of poisoning after partying in garden.

Six teenagers have reportedly been found dead in Arnstein, Germany on Sunday after holding a party in a garden.

They are believed to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the shed.

It's February already! Happy New Month...

Happy New Month...

Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky plans to house banned immigrants

Billionaire CEO of AirBnB, Brian Chesky who also happens to be an immigrant, is offering free accommodation for the refugees and immigrants affected by the executive order.

He made this declaration on his twitter page...

Chrissy Teigen calls fan a "complete witch" for questioning her pregnancy

Well, its Chrissy with her "Smart mouth" once again...
Model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen shuts down fan by calling her a "complete witch" after she questioned why Chrissy used IVF in conceiving baby Luna.

Emma Stone is engaged to on-and-off boyfriend, actor Andrew Garfield!

The two Hollywood stars who broke off their relationship sometime back, but managed to run back into each others arms to continue their unfinished love, are reportedly engaged.

Top Tech CEO's condemn Trump's immigration ban.

"Four of America's biggest tech companies warned their employees about the ban, according to CNN reports. And leaders throughout the industry, where foreign-born entrepreneurs are central to its success, condemned the decree.

Kylie Jenner and her "twin towers"...

Kylie Jenner's "twin towers'' seems to be growing bigger and larger by day.

This was how it looked before...

Read this interesting write up against President Trump's Muslim Ban by Reuben Abati,a Nigerian based writer

Reuben Abati, a Nigerian based public relations officer has written a long interesting post on President Trump's executive order. Read the article below:
I am not a fan of Donald Trump, the incumbent President of the United States. I didn’t stand with him. I stood with her- Hillary Clinton- in the last US Presidential election.