Saturday, January 26, 2019

Teen Photographer Kills Indian Model For Saying NO....

A 20-year-old model was killed by an aspiring photographer for saying no to säx, according to reports.
Syed Muzammil, 19, hit Mansi Dixit on the head with a wooden stool when she refused to have s#x with him in Oshiwara, India, it is alleged.

Mansi then fell unconscious before Muzammil allegedly molested and tried to rape her.

He then allegedly strangled her, stuffed the body in a bag, and booked a taxi.

When the driver asked why his bag was so heavy, he cancelled the taxi.
He then reportedly booked a different car which took him to a back road where he dumped the bag.

The driver phoned police who discovered the body.....

Reports claim Muzammil had known Mansi for a number of days and thought she was attractive.

The murder allegedly took place at his home on October 15 last year.

According to reports, Muzammil said in a police interrogation: "I called her on the pretext of a photoshoot and demanded to have s@x with her.

"When she refused, I hit her on the head with a wooden stool."
Muzammil was arrested at his home.

Hindustan times/Mirror

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