Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Michelle Obama Trolled by Trump Supporters over Beach Outfit....

Former US First Lady, Michelle Obama is facing backlash for choice of outfit.

Michelle 53, and her daughter Malia were spotted in Miami Beach, catching some sun with friends. 

Well, it did not take long until some die hard fans of Trump to came criticing her.
Totally inappropriate for her age and who she is,” wrote one commenter. “Her daughter looks embarrassed. Rightly so!”
Why holes on the white cut offs? 

Looks a little trailer trash. Melania looks so much more elegant, yet all she seems to get is criticism,” claimed a commenter .
The ripped white shorts! Hard to believe she was ever a first lady,” wrote another user. “Getting too much inspiration from Beyonce, I think.” another said 
Not everyone disliked her outfit, others jumped to her defence.
“Former first lady on holiday. So what?” wrote one user. “She was in the public eye for long enough. Now leave her alone.”

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