Thursday, September 14, 2017

Samsung is hoping to release a bendable Galaxy Note next year......

Are you all ready for the bendable Galaxy note????

Fresh off the unveiling of its new Galaxy Note 8 last month, Samsung says it’s now aiming to introduce a foldable phone in 2018, reports the AP. 

The phone would feature a bendable display and would be released under the company’s flagship Galaxy Note line. 

This is the first time Samsung has publicly spoken about plans for a foldable phone, despite rumors around the release of one that have been swirling for many years. 
Samsung unveiled a bendable AMOLED display prototype back in 2012 named Youm, and last year, it applied for a patent for a foldable phone that bends like a flip-phone handset.

Other companies have also sought to produce bendable devices, with Lenovo revealing prototype phones in 2016 that bend around a user’s wrist and a tablet that folds in half.

culled from the verge

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