Saturday, September 2, 2017

Russian Man Scares Pedestrians As He Takes His Pet Tiger out for A Walk on A Busy Street....

What will be your reaction if you come across a tiger in broad daylight? 

Pedestrians of Russian city Samara were gripped in fear as they spotted a man taking his pet Tiger for a walk. Yes, you read that right!
Jaw-dropping footage shows the man walking his big cat on a lead in the city of Samara in southwest Russia.

A shocked onlooker filmed the scene while travelling in a passing car. Some people believe the man seen walking the beast could be the circus artist and animal trainer, Artur Bagdasarov.

Other pictures show the huge animal having a rest and lying down on a zebra crossing. The tiger seemed to be calm, and no one was reported to have been hurt.

But one internet user slammed the owner for not using a muzzle on the animal.

'Alexander Grishchenko' said: 'They have money to maintain a tiger, but they have no money for a muzzle.'

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