Tuesday, August 8, 2017

UAE:Man surprises cheating wife in Dubai, lover jumps out of 2nd-floor window......

A 27-year-old man took a break from work to double-check whether his wife was indeed at home as she claimed to him on WhatsApp. 

However, he ended up surprising her and his friend while they had sex in his flat, prompting his friend to jump off the window (second floor) and break his legs.

The Court of Misdemeanors heard the incident that took place on January 19 and was reported to Al Rashidiya police station. 

According to court documents, the husband and his friend, both Syrians, stay in the same building in the International City.

The husband, who works as a cook, told the investigators that he had grown suspicious that his wife, aged 21 from Jordan, was not being faithful and cheating on him with his 30-year-old countryman.

 "He was my friend and my work mate. I introduced them to each other few months back. She asked for a divorce recently and I knew he was the reason behind her decision."

Around 10pm on that day, the husband felt his wife had lied to him that she went out.

"She was being elusive when I asked her to take a picture of herself outside and send it to me on WhatsApp. I did not believe her so I returned home and was left out for some time as she would not open the door for me straight away. We had an argument and I got back to work soon after," he said.

However, he panicked by her calling him shortly later crying and agitatedly telling him that the police came to their place. 

"I learned from the police later that my friend was with her and he got panicked and jumped off the window when he heard me knocking on the door. He suffered some fractures and was taken to the hospital," the husband said.

A police officer said the wife admitted during interrogation having cheated on her husband and that she claimed it happened only once. According to the officer, the wife also confessed she and her lover drank alcohol.

The officer revealed that the male accused admitted that he had sex with his friend's wife.

The accused was not present in the court to face the charges. Even though the wife admitted charges of consuming alcohol and being involved in an illicit sexual affair during public prosecution investigation, she pleaded not guilty in the court.
source: khaleej times

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