Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Serena William Explains Why She Has REFUSED To Move In With Fiance + Prince Harry's GF Also Has A WORD For Her........

Serena William may be expecting her first child with her fiancé Alexis Ohanian, but the tennis star is refusing to move-in with the Reddit co-founder until she is married.

The 35-year-old opened up about her relationship with Alexis, 34, and her potentially life-threatening pregnancy in a new interview with Vogue, explaining that she feared getting pregnant after she was hospitalized with bilateral pulmonary embolisms following foot surgery in 2011.

Serena, who admitted her pregnancy was unplanned, has to inject herself with anticoagulants daily because carrying a child increases her risk of blood clots.

Although she was initially terrified of getting pregnant, Serena said she surprised herself when she became 'really calm' once she found out that she was expecting.

'I thought, You have to win, but you’re allowed to lose, because you have something to look forward to,' she said.

Serena and Alexis are waiting to find out the sex of their child, and while he believes she is carrying a boy, the tennis star is convinced that it is a girl.

'Two weeks after we found out, I played the Australian Open,' she recalled. 'I told Alexis it has to be a girl because there I was playing in 100-degree weather, and that baby never gave me any trouble. Ride or die. Women are tough that way.'

Serena famously won her 23rd Grand Slam at the Australian Open while pregnant, but she has since temporarily retired from competitive tennis to focus on her pregnancy.

Alexis has been spending weekend in

Although she is currently building a home for herself in Florida, she plans to move to San Francisco to be with the tech wiz after their wedding. 

Serena is currently eight months pregnant, and her friend Meghan Markle couldn't help but gush about what a great mother she is going to be.

The Suits actress, who is in a relationship with Prince Harry, told Vogue: 'She will be an amazing mom.  The very best, because she is so attuned to balancing strength and sensitivity.

'Plus, given that she is pretty epic at karaoke, I think she’ll put her signature Serena spin on singing lullabies for the baby,' she added. 'I can’t wait for that!'

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