Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saudi Arabia Model Under Investigation for Wearing Crop top & Mini Skirt....(VIDEO)

A Saudi model is currently under investigation for wearing a crop top and miniskirt in a video she publicly shared. 

The actions of The lady identified as Khulood has been described as a slap in the face of the highly  conservative religious country and many have called for her arrest. 

"The return of the Haia [religious police] here is a must." wrote Khaled Zidan, a journalist.

 "We should respect the laws of the country. In France, the niqab [face-covering veil] is banned and women are fined if they wear it. In Saudi Arabia, wearing abayas and modest clothing is part of the kingdom's laws." stated another person.

Although many frowned upon her "indecent" dressing, others also hailed her for her bravery to be free.

Fatima al-Issa wrote: "If she was a foreigner, they would sing about the beauty of her waist and the enchantment of her eyes... But because she is Saudi they are calling for her arrest."

"The writer and philosopher, Wael al-Gassim, said he was "shocked to see those angry, scary tweets".

"I thought she had bombed or killed somebody. The story turned out to be about her skirt, which they did not like. I am wondering how Vision 2030 can succeed if she is arrested," he added, referring to the reform programme unveiled last year by Saudi Arabia's newly-appointed 31-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman."

Officials of the province where the video was recorded have been charged to take extreme actions against the model.

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