Wednesday, June 7, 2017

VIDEO: China Debuts Driver-less Train that Runs ONLY on White Painted Lines as tracks....

China has taken a step further in the transportation industry by introducing whats it terms the "smart bus", a transportation medium which combines a bus, tram and train all rolled into one. 
This latest driverless public transport was introduced by the Chinese rail transit firm CRRC.  Although its features are that of a tram and train, the carriage will surprisingly be running on the road just like a bus, with a little twist by following white-dotted lines equipped with sensors.

"It is like having a virtual rail for the bus," exclaimed Feng Jianghua, chief engineer of CRRC.

The 30 meter "Smart Bus" has a capacity of transporting 300 passengers across three carriages.

Operations are reported to begin in 2018 along a 6.5km line in the Chinese city of Zhuzhou.

This new medium will reportedly be the best solution for small cities who have limited resources of building train lines.

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