Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh Dear!!!! Man Kidnaps Sister To Stop Wedding......

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A man in Missouri was charged earlier this week with kidnapping his sister days before her wedding -- allegedly to prevent her from marrying her fiancé. 

Conrad Kaufman, 25, was accused of taking his sister, Cindy Kaufman, against her will on Monday after he texted her asking to meet up, Kaufman's fiancé John Graber told KCTV.

Graber said months before the incident, his fiancée was worried about the marriage because of religious differences. The couple was part of the Amish community but had left. 

Graber said he drove his fiancée from Jamesport to meet Conrad Kaufman at 2 p.m. He called both of them about an hour later, but got no answer. 

"I had all the truck loaded and was ready to go, but no reply and I started to get pretty nervous," he told the news station.

Graber finally texted them separately, saying he will be going to the police if they didn't respond soon. Kaufman then allegedly sent a text to Graber, saying "sorry the wedding is off." 

"[Kaufman said] I'm taking her far, far away and you're never going to see her again.' And then I fell apart," Graber recalled. 

Kaufman allegedly took his sister to Illinois, but 24 hours later she reportedly returned home to Graber. 

Conrad Kaufman was charged with first-degree kidnapping. 

The couple is still planning to get married this Saturday. 

from fox news

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