Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Rihanna’s New Boo- Saudi Billionaire, Made Her & Naomi Campbell Enemies.....

Their relationship emerged earlier this week, when they were spotted putting on a steamy display in a swimming pool in Ibiza.
When bobo took time off his work to be with bae.

According to new claims now, Rihanna's romance with Hassan Jameel is what caused her so-called feud with Naomi Campbell.

The Sun reports that the supermodel, who is thought to have dated the Saudi businessman last year, is disgruntled the singer, 29, and Hassan have fallen so hard - as she hates feeling 'second best'.

The glamorous pair, who used to be close friends, sparked rumours of a feud last year when they unfollowed each other on social media - and it has now been claimed the Toyota dealership heir is the reason behind their anger. Lol.

According to the paper, Naomi, 47, is not impressed Hassan has chosen the singer over her - while Rihanna has fallen so hard for him, she is not willing to back down.

A source revealed: 'They're both formidable women. No one knows exactly what went on between Naomi and Hassan but she certainly doesn't like being second best.'

But Riri on the money now, and that's whatsup! Lol


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