Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Australia: Fear Gripped Passengers Evacuate Virgin Airline Flight after Threatening Note was Discovered In the Plane's Toilet....

Passengers aboard a Virgin flight from Sydney, Australia to Albury were left in outermost shock and alarmed after discovering a very suspicious note in the plane's toilet, which led to an immediate evacuation.

The passengers were  evacuated whilst others jumped from the plane onto the tarmac the very second the plane landed at the Albury Airport. One person has so far been arrested in connection to the incident.

NWS police so far has ruled out any act of terrorism act in relation to the hand written 
on a "sick bag" discovered by another passenger in the 68-seater turboprop plane on Tuesday.

'It was just someone being very silly,' says a police spokeswoman.

'It wasn't a bomb threat at all. It was not terror-related. It was just something we were concerned about and we wanted to make sure it was OK.'

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