Sunday, May 21, 2017

US First Lady Melania Trump, Sparks Controversy for Not Wearing Headscarf in Saudi Arabia....

                   Melania Trump without headscarf draws attention
US first lady, Melania Trump alongside her husband, President of the US, Donald Trump is presently on a nation tour in Saudi Arabia. Her decision not to cover her hair in the Islamic country is driving a lot of controversy on social media.
"The first lady wore a black pantsuit with a golden belt but did not cover her head, consistent with custom for female foreign dignitaries visiting Saudi Arabia. 

President Donald Trump is on record to have allegedly criticized former first lady Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf during a January 2015 visit to the nation with then-President Barack Obama."

Trump said in a 2015 tweet that, while many people applauded Mrs. Obama's decision, the people of Saudi Arabia "were insulted., says a report in Khaleej Times.

Could this be a hypocritical move on the US president part for allowing his spouse to go scarf free in the Islamic State after condemning Obama's wife?

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