Thursday, May 11, 2017

German Defence Ministry Pledges To Root out Extremism....

Image result for german defense ministryGermany's defence ministry on Wednesday  following the scandals of far-right attack plots has promised a reform to clear off Nazi sympathizers in its army.

A report by states...
'The German defence force Bundeswehr has been under pressure recently since several soldiers were arrested on suspicion of plotting xenophobic terror acts. They allegedly planned lethal attacks on migrants disguised as refugees.
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced that Bundeswehr will review itself, focusing on "leadership and values".
The reform measures included a modification of its 1982 "decree on traditions", which allows the display of objects of Nazi-era armed force Wehrmacht "within its historical context", for example Wehrmacht weapons, helmets as well as posters.
The minister said the rule might provide "back doors" for the ill-minded military personnel and inspire some far-right ideology.
She added the armed force will be "zero tolerance" on all forms of extremism.
On Sunday, all German barracks were already given order to start clearing off Nazi-era objects.'

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