Monday, April 17, 2017

You'll go to hell fire for having non-Muslim friendships - Islamic fundamentalist, Sheikh tells Muslim girls.....

Islamic fundamentalist, Sheikh Mohamad Doar has made controversial headlines for telling young Muslim girls they would go to hell if they are associated with non-Muslim friends.
'The reality is, my sisters, any friendship that is not built on the fear of Allah is only going to lead to hell fire so you need to be cautious, he said.
He was speaking to teenage girls at a forum in Sydney on Saturday, where he lectured them on Islamic fashion and grooming.

Sheikh from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association also told the girls that they will be cursed by Allah if they plucked their eyebrows, waxed their body or shaved.
'You are not allowed the remove the hair of the eyebrow, it's a major sin,' he said. The lady who plucks her eyebrows and the one who gets them plucked, they're both cursed by Allah.'
While responding to questions,  Sheikh Doar told  the girls:

'It cannot be see-through showing skin. The hijab needs to be as plain as possible,' he said.

'It cannot be an imitation of the disbeliever's dress code. It cannot be attracting to the eye. It cannot resemble the dress of men. It can't be a showing-off cloth.'
He, however, warned them they would face criticism about their dress sense from other Muslims and kafirs, an Islamic term for non-believers.

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