Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WOW....Man finds £2million worth of gold in tank he bought on ebay....(PHOTOS)

A 55-year-old British tank restorer who bought a tank on eBay for £30,000 has found £2m worth of gold bars hidden in the diesel tank.

Nick Mead found the five solid gold bars weighing up to 12lbs each while restoring a Russian T54/69, where he also found a machine gun ammunition with his mechanic friend, Todd Chamberlain. The gold bars are believed to have been looted by Iraqi soldiers during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

Speaking to The Sun on the discovery, they said 
‘We didn’t know what to do. You can’t exactly take five gold bullion bars down to Cash Converters without questions being asked, so we called the police,’ 
The Northampton-shire police have taken the bars for analysis.

Ebay sales is going to escalate now we guess,who else is placing an order after reading this story???

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