Thursday, April 6, 2017

Whats happening in Kenya!....Another couple get stuck to each other for wrongful consummating....(VIDEO)

Within days of posting a story regarding two lovers who got stuck to each other for having s***x in Kenya. Another story is emerging with a new couple suffering the same fate.

Its was alleged that the first couples shamefully embarrassing incident was as a result of a voodoo curse placed on the lady by her husband. Read here

On April 4, 2017, another married woman and her lover from Bungoma were caught after they got stuck while having sex. The unidentified woman who has been married for five years, was caught with her lover stuck at a room in Plan B Hotel, Chwele town.

Speaking to Nairobi News, her husband, Wilber Kibagendi, who works in another town, claimed he served his wife a witch doctor's concoction, which she unknowingly took to expose herself.

'I have been married to her for the last five years but I live in Bungoma as I have businesses there. I was told she was cheating on me and three days ago I went to see a witch doctor who gave me a concoction that will help nab her,' he said.

It was also reported that crowd who stormed the hotel had wanted to lynch the lovers, but police men around the scene disperse them with teargas before rescuing the naked lovers.

The two lovers and the woman's husband were taken to Bungoma Police Station.

Watch video below.....

Lol everybody wants to go have a look.

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