Sunday, April 9, 2017

UEA: Watch incredible moments a man was thrown off by XDubai on Princess Tower.......(VIDEO)

XDubai have been known to show off some pretty awesome stunts but this latest video that showed up on their Instagram account over the weekend might be their craziest yet.
Fair warning: if you’re not a fan of heights – or falling quickly from them – prepare to feel a little woozy.
The video shows three of the XDubai team dangling a fourth member by his ankles from the top of Princess Tower in Dubai Marina. Don’t worry, he’s a professionally trained Base Jumper and it’s all in good fun.
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They mock a mafia-style interrogation proclaiming “Too late!” before letting go as he plummets towards the ground, releasing a parachute and floating to safety.
The remaining stuntmen then proceed to launch themselves off the building, filming a first-person base jump that includes a not-too-shabby view of the marina.
The whole thing is over in less than a couple of minutes and is pretty exhilarating stuff – even when viewed from the relative safety of a mobile phone screen.
It’s important to note that XDubai’s stunts are performed in collaboration with SkyDive Dubai and are officially sanctioned. All participants are trained professionals and are supported by teams of experts and medical staff at all times.


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