Wednesday, April 5, 2017

UAE: Man jumps villa wall to sexually assault maid in Dubai.....

A vendor who allegedly sexually assaulted a housemaid after sneaking into the villa of her employers while they were away, went on trial on Monday.Image result for sexual abuse

The 29-year-old Nepali vendor admitted to the charges of sexual harassment and trespassing when his case was brought before the Court of First Instance.
The incident happened on February 18.
The housemaid, a 42-year-old Nepali, said: "At 11:30 pm, the accused called me to say he was coming over to wash the sponsor's cars. I told him to not come, as nobody was at home and it was late. He kept calling but I did not answer him and had to put my phone on silent mode."
She continued: "Around midnight, I went out after I heard the sponsor's dog barking and then saw that my room door was open. 
I found the accused inside my room. He grabbed my hands and tried to pull me inside and lock the door. But I took an iron and hit him with it on his head. I managed to get away from him and then ran and hid in the house. I then called the sponsor's son, but by the time he arrived the accused was already gone."
The sponsor, a 60-year-old Indian manager, said he was out of the UAE on February 18 when his son, 21, informed him by phone that the defendant trespassed into their property in Al Garhoud the night before. When he returned, he learnt from the maid how the accused let himself into her room before she managed to protect herself.
The complaint was filed on February 19.
The accused admitted to trespass and sexual harassment charges during the prosecution investigation. He confessed to jumping the villa's wall and sneaking into the maid's room.

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