Thursday, April 13, 2017

UAE: Bus Driver jailed for kissing 5-year-old schoolgirl in Dubai.....

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The Dubai court of First instance has sentence a man to a year in prison for kissing on a 5-year-old school girl.

The bus drive was caught molesting the young girl at the backseat of their school bus by the bus supervisor who had return form dropping off another child at her residence, according to a Gulf News report.

The perv had the little girl on his laps was kissing her on her cheeks. The incident occurred around 1pm when the bus driver and the supervisor were dropping off children back from school.

When I saw him putting the girl on his lap and kissing her,I rushed and took her away from him. Then reported it to the school management, the supervisor told prosecutors.

The girls mother also confirming the incident said, he made her sit on his laps and planted a kis on her cheeks.

The 26 year old perv is set to be deported back to his home country Pakistan after his one year in jail,

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