Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tyga in fresh trouble with the LAPD after driving around with no license plate on his £112k Mercedes....(PHOTOS)

It seems Kylie Jenner's ex boyfriend Tyga 27, and trouble are bed-mates! can can never stay off each other! On Tuesday he was detained by LAPD after being pulled over for allegedly driving his custom Mercedes G-Series, which sells upwards from $112,000, with no license plates.

This was following a night out with a friend. Two police cars blocked the car on a side street after he was pulled over.

Tyga was seen having a brief conversation with a cop through the window of the car, before being asked to step out of his vehicle and taken away by a policeman. He was later seen handcuffed.

It's illegal to drive in California without license plates.

Hmmm..... we perceive something fishy from the camps of Tyga and the Kardashian clan. Could it be part of a plot to get ratings of Kylie Jenner's reality show "Life of Kylie"?
He is set to feature in the show allegedly although they've split.

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