Saturday, April 1, 2017

Teenagers faked a proposal just to get free dessert from fancy restaurant....(PHOTOS)

How far can you go for a dessert?.....Well these teens took it to the next level.

Cati Domitrovich, 19, with her best friend Alex Nagle, 17, from Texas, faked a proposal at a fancy restaurant just to get free dessert.

Domitrovich said that on Saturday they wanted to cheer themselves up after a bad week, so they went out to a fancy dinner.

"We just had to act like a couple the entire time," Domitrovich said.

When she went to the bathroom, Nagle told the server that he was going to propose. He asked her to take photos.

Domitrovich said that the restaurant was convinced. "Everyone believed us and everyone clapped," she said.
 See full photos below...

LOL......congratulations to them

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