Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sudanese Children feed on leaves to survive as Famine strikes country.....

Famine is Real!! 

Be very grateful for the little food and water you consume every day. This heartbreaking photo of Sudanese children feeding on leaves due to food crisis that has plunged Sudan, and as a result leaving many to die and the rest feed on anything they could lay their hands on edible or not.

“Eating barely edible wild foods is a coping strategy for communities trying to survive a food crisis,” said 
Rehana Zawar, Norwegian Refugee Council(NRC) Country's Director whois presently on a visits to in South Sudan. 

“The bitter leaves eaten by families we spoke to are from the Lalop tree, and have limited nutritional value. When families eat these leaves and little else, malnutrition quickly follows.”

The NRC has supported close to over 100, 000 people affected by the food crisis and has emergency teams in place supporting the affected areas and people.

“Children are eating leaves off the trees,” said Bhakita Abuk Deng (47) in Amothic village. “Children are suffering because there is not enough food to eat. Some of the children have diarrhoea from eating the leaves,” she said, concerned for the health of her seven children.

“About 40 per cent of the people in Amothic are eating tree leaves. About half of the village are eating their seed stocks too,” said Deng Yel Piol (48) the village chief of Amothic. This is alarming, as Amothic is largely a farming community, and there will be few seeds to plant next growing season.

In this remote region of South Sudan, the food crisis has hit Amothic in Aweil Centre County hard. While famine has already been declared in Leer and Mayendit counties to the south, villages outside Aweil are also running out of food.

Formerly known as the state of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, the counties which make up this region are currently in the ‘crisis’ phase or ‘emergency’ phase of food security; the latter is one level short of famine. This region previously was the site of a famine in 1998.

Are you still complaining about what to wear or to eat this morning? Just stop and think again.....then be GRATEFUL for everything you have be it small or big.

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