Saturday, April 8, 2017

Stephen Belafonte files petition demanding spousal support from his estranged wife Mel B....

Stephen Belafonte has responded to Mel B's divorce petition by filing documents asking for spousal support from Mel B. 

The movie producer who has been accused of domestic violence by his wife asked in the documents that Mel B pays him $30K a month.

In addition to that, he also asked in the court papers he filed that his estranged wife should be made to pay his lawyer's fees. He is also asking that he be given the family’s mansion. He reportedly filed the official response to her divorce petition yesterday.

The former couple are also having a dispute about their separation date. Stephen is claiming it was on March 1, 2017, while Mel claims it was December 28, 2016. This discrepancy in the dates could make things difficult while trying to divide up their property.

Mel began divorce proceedings in March, just 11 weeks to their 10th anniversary and this move could save her a whole lot of money.

Had she stayed married to Stephen for up to 10 years before seeking divorce, she would have been forced under the California law to support Stephen indefinitely, but now it's likely the duration of support will be at half the marriage's length.

Though the former couple disagree on a number of things, they both are on the same page as regards the custody of their daughter. Both Mel B and Stephen want joint legal and physical custody of their 5year-old daughter Madison.


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