Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Stay with your own race, you bloody idiot"!" Elderly man unleashes vile racist attack on white woman and her Nigerian man in the UK....(PHOTOS)

An elderly Welsh man was caught on camera on Friday, April 7th unleashing shocking racist rant at a white woman and her Nigerian husband, Metro UK reports.

Helen Williams was walking with her Nigerian-born husband, Chuks, in Aberystwyth, Wales, when a pensioner shouted ‘big mistake’ at them .Helen, who has family links to the Welsh town, followed the man into a shop to ask what he had meant.

“My grandfather hailed from Aberystwyth and I was looking forward to visiting Wales with my Nigerian-born husband Chucks, for the first time. I love Wales, having visited many times during my childhood. We started a tour of the country from the north, moving on to Aberystwyth to stay for a few days. 

However, I was surprised when walking down Terrace Road in the town centre to be confronted by an angry elderly man who shouted ‘big mistake’ at us and then made off down the street"She was even more horrified when the man told her he was referring to ‘the negro fellow’ – her husband – and told her she should ‘stay with her own race. 

"He told me that he was 100% Welsh, although he spoke with an English accent, and said that I should not be with “the negro fellow” – stressing again that it was 'a big mistake' "

"He told me It doesn’t work in life, you should mix with your own kind”. Then he threatened to “plaster me” before shouting: “Stay with your own race, you bloody idiot".’ Helen, a psychologist, filmed the incident on her smartphone and reported it to Dyfed Powys Police.

She added that she was “shocked and distressed” by the experience. 
"What was supposed to be an enjoyable visit to a beautiful country was marred by this display of prejudice,” added Helen, who lives in England. I feel embarrassed and saddened that my husband was subjected to racism and received such a negative introduction to Wales. 

Aberystwyth is a beautiful town with a diverse population, including university students from different backgrounds, and of course tourists.

She is a member of the Baha’i faith, a religion which believes in the fundamental unity of the human race.
"To me, it makes no sense whatsoever to tell people to stick to their own race, because we all belong to one human race. I believe that we are all world citizens" she said


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