Saturday, April 8, 2017

70-year-old Catholic priest BUSTED for spending Parish's £50,000 on his housekeeper lover......(PHOTOS)

Big spender: Father Reid was supposed to live a simple life, but spent £1,200 on high-end cutlery from William Turner cutlery and once blew £80 on oysters and smoked salmon 
A 70-year-old Catholic Priest John Reid who was arrested for spending his Parish's £50,000 on his housekeeper, who he lavished with gifts after falling in love with her, has been handed an 18-months jail sentence.

Before sentencing him, Judge Christopher Prince called Father John Reid’s fraud an “aberration” that went on for 40 months. Father Reid, 70, now living in Stockton-on-Tees, got an 18-month suspended jail term after admitting fraud. He will repay the £50,000.

During the inquiry, it emerged that the priest bought two homes each for his lover's daughters Veronica and Alice, a car each and financed a cafe business for them 
It was gathered that the Priest, who was expected to live a celibate life at St Cuthbert’s Church, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, fell for Gillian Leddy and used his church cash on wine and travel for himself, her and her daughters.-laila

Father John Reid, 70, from Stockton, pleaded guilty to abusing his position after he allegedly took the money from parishioners meant for charitable purposes and the upkeep of St Cuthbert's Church 

Free: Father John Reid avoided jail after admitting to fraud by abuse of his position but agreed to paid £50,000 back to St Cuthbert's Church in Chester-le-Street, County Durham

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