Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WOWZA!!!....Islamic cleric in trouble for broadcasting Porn through Mosque speakers......

Lol.............This is Serious folks!!!!....But what happened?.... If we may ask
A broadcast audio from a pornographic movie through a Mosque public speakers, might have landed an Islamic cleric in trouble, as a video of the speakers with an audio clip blared through it was recorded by a witness, and has gone viral on YouTube, sparking outrage.

United Press International, reports that the audio was broadcast via public loudspeakers used to call for prayer around 1a.m on Wednesday in Kuzeykent, a suburb of the city of Kastamonu in Turkey.

Reacting to the incident, the Mayor of Kastamonu, Tasin Babas, who promised to investigate the incident.

“The indecent provocations heard from a specific point in the Kuzeykent neighbou
rhood has nothing to do with our institution” he said


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