Sunday, March 26, 2017

Schoolgirl writes Letter To Donald Trump Asking Him To Change So She Can 'Grow Up In A Nice World'........Lol

A seven-year-old girl has written an adorable letter to President Donald Trump asking him to make sure she grows up in a nice world.
Sarah Norney penned the letter at school and it has been sent to the world's most powerful man via Twitter. She told Trump how she wants..... "everyone to......
love one another" and asks him to make sure she will "grow up in a nice world".

The letter was shared on social media by Our Lady's Girls Primary School in Belfast. Sarah wrote: "Dear Donald Trump, I am a 7 year old girl and I live in Belfast. "I want everyone to love one another and be friends even if they are from different countries or if they are both boys or girls.
"Please make a difference and change what you think so I can grow up in a nice world. Thank you from Sarah Norney."

So far President Trump hasn't replied to the letter.

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