Friday, March 17, 2017

Say What!....Drunk man stuck two live fishes up his anus and one swam victoriously inside his abdomen.....(PHOTOS)

Could it be that he had plans of starring in a new versions of the movie "Swimming with Sharks"?
A drunk man in China according to reports took a brave step by inserting two live fishes(pond loaches) into his anus. Well, the result is obvious, the fishes swam with a surfing speed straight into his abdomen.

One was pulled out by doctors  after he was rushed to hospital, but the other one still wants to swim further to explore the digestive system of humans, so its still hiding peacefully in his abdomen.
He is said to be in sever pain, lol who wouldn't? 

According to reports, the 45-year-old man after having several shots of his favorite drink on March 10, decided to be a fisherman at sea and placed those two fishes on a body tour.

He was rushed to the hospital the next day with signs of a high fever, low blood pressure and severe stomach pain. Surgeons did an abdominal digital radiography to locate the loaches.  

He has since been diagnosed with perforation of the intestine and was at risk of septic shock due to infection. Doctors quickly removed one but could not find the other, they however identified a wound on the intestinal wall.   

Doctors told the reporters that the second pond loach was stuck in the upper left section of his abdomen. 
One doctor said:

'The second fish is four inches long and 0.8 inches wide. He could have lost his life if this loach swam further and reached upper organs.' The fish had caused serious infection in the patient's abdominal area and he has now been transferred to intensive care for further treatment. 

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