Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reverend Accused Of Having Affairs With SEVEN Church Members Hangs Himself

Father-of-three Reverend Dr Iain D Campbell, hanged himself after his wife Anne,accused him of having up to seven affairs in the church.
Dr lain After taking an overdose, hung himself in hospital in Stornoway. He died later in Glasgow.
Tributes to Reverend Dr Iain D Campbell, 53, came from around the world, 

Dr Campbell was an influential personality in the church – which has strict teachings on the sanctity of marriage and the ethics of suicide.

Anne his wife has also called on their church officials to kick out the women involved in the adultery .

A source said: 'It is said Anne was suspicious about Iain’s activities, and confronted him allegedly after finding compromising emails in his computer trash files.

A church official in his statement said,‘He’s accused posthumously – of up to seven affairs. All of them are full church members.It will cause havoc with their marriages and the entire Free Church'.

'Suicide is wicked, but it is possible he feared he was about to be ruined. I am hearing there is real evidence to back up these extraordinary claims'.

‘We ask for your prayers as we seek to deal with this painful matter in a way that is biblically faithful and Christ-honouring.’


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