Thursday, March 23, 2017

President Trump Wishes Iranians A Happy New Year.......Weeks After Trying To Ban Them...............

After weeks of trying to bar Iranians from entering the United States, President Donald Trump on Wednesday offered his "best wishes" to them on their most beloved holiday, Now-Ruz, and expressed pride in the many successes of Iranians who were allowed to reach America.

The statement from Trump was released after multiple discussions about whether the new president should say anything at all, a source familiar with the situation said.

It is unlikely to alleviate the deep unhappiness within the Iranian American community over Trump's targeting of their kin overseas through his attempts at a travel ban.
Now-Ruz, which means "new day," is also known as the Persian New Year's, and it coincides with the start of spring.

 It is celebrated primarily in Iran but also in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other places where many people have Persian heritage.

Now-Ruz "is an occasion to celebrate new beginnings, a sentiment that is particularly meaningful for so many Iranians who have come to our country in recent decades to make a new start in a free land," Trump said.


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