Monday, March 6, 2017

OMG!!....Man rapes 21 Cats....all 21 died from the Sexual Impact...

Robert Roy Farmer 25, has pleaded guilty on counts of sexually assaulting 21 cats, which he later kills after each sex escapade.

He has since been was arrested after cops found him passed out in his car next to a dead female tabby.

A San Jose Animal Care and Services post-mortem examination, on the female tabby cat found dead in his car showed it suffered blunt force trauma.

Roy who has handed a 21 count charge of felony/animal cruelty – one for each of his feline victims, was captured on CCTV creeping up on his prey. However, Mercury news reports

that the judge handling the Californian man case wants to get a report from a Psychologist, before deciding if Roy would go into sex offenders' register.

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