Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OMG!... Woman shoots boyfriend once in the penis and twice in the scrotum.......

Delia Mary Flores, a 53yr old American woman from Arizona shot her boyfriend seven times with a .32-caliber revolver, firing one shot into his penis and twice into his scrotum after she suspected him of cheating.

Luckily for the unnamed victim, he survived his injuries. He told police that he was sleeping upright in a chair around 8.30pm on Saturday when he woke up to what he thought were fireworks, until he felt an 'excruciating pain in his lower extremities'. 

Feigning ignorance, Flores called 911 and said she didn't know how her boyfriend had been shot, only that he had asked her to get help. 

She gave herself away when without prompting, she admitted to police that she had shot her boyfriend because she suspected he was having an affair.

Her boyfriend told police that he wasn't having an affair and didn't know why she shot him, he wasn't even aware she could use a gun.

A search of their property turned up a revolver beneath the chair the man had been sleeping in when he was shot. Police also found a .32 caliber gun in Flores' Victoria's Secret bag along with a receipt that showed the gun had been purchased 10 days before the shooting.

'The fact that there were gunshots directed at the victim's neck near his head, and that the victim was sleeping at the time of the shooting and no argument was taking place, it is believed that the defendant intentionally planned to shoot the victim with premeditation', police concluded in court documents.

The suspect is being held on a $750,000 bond and faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Source: Daily Mail


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