Wednesday, March 8, 2017

oh dear!...Dubai maid sexually abuses boy, trains him to grope her

A housemaid stood trial on Tuesday on the charge of sexually abusing her sponsor's 2-year-old son.

The Court of First Instance was told the 32-year-old Ethiopian maid inappropriately touched the little boy. She also allegedly trained him on touching and groping her.

The case dates back to and prior to October 6, 2013.

"My wife told me she spotted our son sitting on the maid's lap while touching her bare chest. She also saw him biting the maid's behind and groping her while the latter was laughing, which means she had taught him to do that," the boy's 41-year-old Emirati father said.

"I asked my wife why she was late in telling me about it. She said she was worried I might beat the maid up. She was also concerned we might not get another maid easily and she had warned the maid more than once against such behavior."

The father added: "Our son had become reclusive ever since. He would hide in dark places and scream whenever we try to take him out. I asked him why he was behaving in a bad way and he said he was playing. He told me the maid taught him that."

The boy's Moroccan mother, 38, said her boy told her the maid had touched him inappropriately. "After she ran from our home, we discovered what she had done towards our son affected his behaviour. He would touch and bite women shoppers and female guests at our house just the way the maid had trained him to do with her."

The boy's parents told the investigators they were still dealing with the bad effects of the maid's doings on their son's behaviour. "When my son told me about her, the maid followed me to see what action we were going to take against her. Few days later she ran away," the housewife told the prosecutor.
The maid will be sentenced on May 21.'

photo file: live science

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