Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Police brutality sparks outrage.... cop is caught on camera punching unarmed man.... (VIDEO)

Footage of a police officer using excessive force on a suspect and swearing at witnesses who accused him of police brutality has emerged and people are criticising the police officer, saying he went too far.
The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at a gas station in Vallejo, California when the officer responded to a 911 call that there was a man acting crazy around there.

The officer arrived the scene and chased the unarmed suspect for several minutes, before the suspect gave up and sat on the floor, in the middle of the road. 

The policeman proceeded to push the unarmed man to the ground then punched him repeatedly as he tried to arrest him, while the suspect kept repeating loudly "I am God, I am God".

People around can be heard screaming at the policeman. One man screamed "police brutality", prompting the policeman to wave the gun at them and at the same time shouting, "get the f*** back."

The video had been viewed over one million times within the first two hours it appeared online and is being investigated to determine the officer's use of profanity and excessive force. 

The suspect is in jail for resisting arrest and being under the influence while the officer has not been arrested. 

Lieutenant Jeff Bassett from Vallejo PD said that the officer, just like everyone else, is innocent until proven guilty.

Watch the video below.


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