Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lil Debbie flosses her Adidas tracksuits in "Push" featuring Moksi.....

On the heels of Lil Debbie’s collaborative EP with Yellow Claw, XXIII, the minute Bay Area rapper is back with a video for “Push” featuring Moksi.

Debbie, born Jordan Capozzi, has been steadily building a name for herself since stepping out as a member of The White Girl Mob. Her most recent solo album, Debbie, was released in 2016.

Exploring her love for dub-step-influenced electronic music, the video begins with her behind a set of turntables as a photographer with a vintage camera snaps her picture while she flosses a rainbow of Adidas tracksuits.

As it comes to a climax, she spits, “I’m so gone/can’t feel my face,” clearly immersed in the proverbial “moment.”

Recorded in Amsterdam at the Barong Family studios, it took a full day for Moksi and Debbie to lay down the track, which is a fan favorite from XXIII.

While it’s a far cry from traditional Hip Hop, its fist-pumping, high octane vibe is enough to get any party started.

 Watch the video below....


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