Thursday, March 9, 2017

I’m a wizard;...says dying 12-year-old Ghanaian school boy on sick bed....

12 year old boy who has been sick for some time now at Assin Awiasu in the Assin North District in the Central Region of Ghana has confessed to his father of being a wizard.

According to the boy, his mother is responsible for his witchcraft as he got the powers from her through a food(Fufu and meat soup) she served him.

The boy who is suffering from a strange disease and yet to be diagnosed, told local journalists that he only got to know he’d received supernatural powers after he finished chewing the meat.

“I had starting eating the food,when moments later my mum put meat into the bowl and I asked her what kind of meat it was, she responded saying it was chicken. After I had chewed it and drank some water, she then told me it was the flesh of Uncle Joe whom she had killed and whose flesh she had used in preparing the soup. She insisted that I brought my father and little sister for us to kill and chew their meat, but whenever I declined she beat me mercilessly.

He added: “Whenever she sends me on an assignment and I don’t go, she ties me with a rope spiritually. My father who is well to do is now suffering, whenever he gets money, within three days, my mother siphons the money spiritually. My brother Kelvin and my Uncle, Kwamena were both killed by my mother.”

The boy’s father who was stunned by the revelation by his son said last year, he some strange happenings occured in his life which he couldn’t understand told his son about it.

He said, just two weeks later he realized the boy was becoming weaker each passing day and so administered a medication to cure malaria fever, thinking the latter was suffering from that disease.

“As the boy was not getting any better I asked him what was really wrong with him, following which he disclosed that he’d been bewitched by his mother and that my he’s been severely beaten by a certain man for refusing to sacrifice me. My son told me he was suffering from strong burning sensation on his body. I want him to reveal all the wrongs they [he and his mother] has done, so that he can be exorcized and be free. He has suffered enough.”

edited from kasapafm; photo credit: displate

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