Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Love Women Who Twerk, But When It Comes To Marriage I Go For INTELLIGENCE...... says Kiss Daniel.........

Talented Nigerian artist, Kiss Daniel has disclosed in a recent interview the type of lady he would want to settle down with. Unfortunately the "Twerkers" has no place in Mr Daniel's future
Read excerpts from the interview after the cut......

The ladies obviously love Kiss Daniel, what has been your weirdest experience with a female fan?
It is X-rated. You know when ladies are excited, they can go to any length to show it.

What’s the limit for you when it comes to interacting with your female fans?
I can never take advantage of them or disregard their importance. Even when they greet and salute me on social media, I make sure I respect them.

What kind of woman do you like?
I like ambitious women who are intelligent, can think for themselves and envisage the future. There are some women that can tell you a lot of ways to properly spend and invest N10m and you would be amazed. That is the type of lady I want, a woman who can drown you in her thoughts. I don’t want the type of woman that would only think about how to twerk and spend your money. I like twerking and I’m not saying it’s bad but when it comes to choosing the woman I would live with for the rest of my life, I think intelligence is more important. There will come a time when ladies would not be able to twerk again because of old age.

What’s your take on the prominence of boobs, butts and nudity in the entertainment industry?
It is needed as it gets some certain set of people interested in music. As a matter of fact, I know some people who watch videos of ladies twerking first thing every morning. There are some people who wouldn’t watch your videos if there are no ladies flaunting their bums in it and that would reduce your views and followership. For instance, most of the feedback I have gotten on my new music video, Duro, has been about the ladies in it.


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