Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grandma Goes Viral After Replacing Her Ex-Husband... With Leonardo DiCaprio.....(PHOTOS)

Peggy Zundel of Rockwall, Texas, recently became an Internet sensation when her granddaughter Rebecca shared this photo that’s been hanging in Peggy’s house.

Yes, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio with a young Peggy.
After years of looking at her late ex-husband in the photo, Peggy decided to put someone else’s face over his… and that person was Leo. Let’s call it old-fashioned Photoshop.

Peggy told Yahoo Celebrity that she had felt it would be a waste to get rid of the photo, since she does look pretty great in it. After looking through old magazines, Peggy found a photo of Leo, cut it out, and pasted it over her ex.  She said “every time she walks by this picture, he’s just so handsome, and it makes me smile.”

Even though Leo has a history of dating young supermodels, Peggy doesn’t seem to care. “I heard he’s dating a Victoria’s Secret model, and I don’t mind.”

Peggy isn’t a fan of Leo only, she’s also a big fan of HGTV hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines and basically considers them family, literally. She has framed photos of them on her wall, next to her actual family.
from yahoo celebrity

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