Friday, March 24, 2017

For $100k, you can join other tourists to visit the Famous Titanic wreck site next year............

Apparently, tourists are still obsessed with vising the wreck site of the legendary Titanic ship. In 1912, a trip on board the Titanic was the ultimate in luxury travel and more than a century later, it still is. 
Tourists will once again get the chance to glide along the Titanic's deck when London-based travel company Blue Marble Private begins dives to the wreck site in May 2018.

Interest in the Titanic vessel has remained high since Robert Ballard and his team discovered the remains of RMS Titanic almost 32 years ago. However, this could well be one of the last opportunities to visit the wreck site.

 A 2016 study claimed that a recently discovered "extremophile bacteria" could eat away what's left of the famous shipwreck inside 15 or 20 years.

The adventure is however quite expensive! Blue Marble Private's eight-day journey sets off from Newfoundland, Canada, and will transport visitors in a purpose-built, titanium-and-carbon-fiber submersible to the mighty vessel's final resting place, more than two miles below the surface of the Atlantic. 

The first voyage is already fully booked, despite the experience costing $105,129 per person.

So far, the Titanic Museum has welcomed nearly 3.5 million visitors since opening in 2012, and was named the World's Leading Tourist Attraction at the World Travel Awards in 2016.


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