Friday, March 24, 2017

Dubai residents beat New York in 'honesty test'....(VIDEO)

If you live in Dubai, here's something that will make you feel proud that you live in the UAE.A Youtube video by social media  personality KARIM is showing how kind Dubai residents are to those in need.

The video, which has gained over 1,446,137 views since it was posted showcases the honesty of Dubai residents. In the video, KARIM plays the role of a "blind" man. He is seen inside a Dubai mall where he asks mall goers to give him loose change.
He is seen holding a Dh50 note in the video which he says to passersby is a Dh10. Many Dubai residents where quick to correct him and give him the proper change. One resident even said for him to be careful because he might get fooled. In the end, he received overwhelming help from Dubai residents
In contrast, he did the same in New York City, but was shunned by many passers. Some claimed that they don't have loose change to spare.
Watch the results of the honesty test in the video below.


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