Sunday, March 5, 2017

British daredevil Kingston detained in Dubai for dangerous stunts

 British daredevil James Kingston was on Saturday detained by Dubai Police for performing dangerous stunts in Dubai.
Police confirmed that he was released on Sunday afternoon after he was handed a written warning not to perform such dangerous stunts again.
Kingston, 25, was taken in for questioning by police on Saturday after he climbed a crane and posted a video on his YouTube channel.
Brigadier Salim Khaifa Al Rumaithi, director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), told Gulf News on Sunday that the daredevil was detained because he violated the law.
“This person breached the law despite our warnings of not making stunt videos and climbing towers. He was detained on Saturday and was accused by endangering his lives and others. If something went wrong with his stunt then he could fall on someone under the building,” Brigadier Al Rumaithi said.
Kingston posted several videos on his social media accounts while scaling cranes in several under construction sites in Dubai.The Southampton-based thrill-seeker, told his 533k social media followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that he was picked up by Dubai police.
“I have been arrested by the CID here in Dubai. Four undercover agents plucked me from my hotel room earlier today with no warning...,” Kingston tweeted.


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