Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UAE: Man arrested for buying stolen gold

The Dubai police have arrested a man in Sharjah for knowingly buying stolen bars of gold.
'In a statement issued by Sharjah Police, the Pakistani suspect was initially approached by four other compatriots, who claimed to have stolen gold bars worth Dh1 million, according to a Gulf News report.
The suspect bought the gold bars for Dh400,000 and hid it in his vehicle, before lodging a complaint with police. He then claimed that Dh400,000 cash had been stolen from the car.Col. Ibrahim Al Ajill, Director of Criminal 
Investigations Department at Sharjah Police, said: “When the suspect filed his complaint, police officers suspected that he was not being honest about the robbery. But the suspect kept sticking to his story, and claimed that money was stolen from his parked car.”
During the investigation, police then arrested the four Pakistani men who sold the gold bars to the victim.Police also discovered that the victim intended to make a profit by selling the stolen for Dh1 million.
Sharjah Police has transferred all five suspects to public prosecution – including the man who reported the fake robbery complaint ­–  on charges of theft and buying stolen goods, as well as providing false testimonies to police', the reports further states.

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