Monday, February 20, 2017

Its a love affair...Mariah Carey finally confirms that Bryan Tanaka is her boyfriend

The singer subtly confirmed that backup dancer Tanaka is her official beau in a recent interview with the Associated Press.
When asked about her highly publicized — but never directly confirmed — romance with Tanaka, Carey let slip that he was her “boyfriend.”

“I’m just going to be like ‘I really don’t talk about my personal life.’ Because that’s what I used to do and it really worked for a minute, back, a while ago,” she said. “I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life. … Me and my boyfriend don’t want to do that.”

Tanaka and Carey have kept the world guessing about their relationship status ever since she split from Australian fiancĂ© James Packer in October. Shortly after Carey’s engagement ended it was revealed that Packer had issues with the singer’s relationship with Tanaka, who was working as a backup dancer on Carey’s world tour.

Since Carey’s split, the Grammy-winning artist hasn’t exactly shied away from showing off all the time she was spending with Tanaka — the pair were seen frolicking on a beach in Hawaii in December, holding hands onstage during a Christmas performance and posing in a hot tub for an intimate Valentine’s Day snap, bubbly in hand. And that’s not even getting into how Tanaka and Carey’s blossoming romance was documented on her E! docu-series, Mariah’s World.

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