Tuesday, February 7, 2017

House help accused of stealing from sponsor’s safe

A househelp in Dubai has been accused of stealing Dh44,000 ($11979)from her sponsor’s safe while the family was at work in June.The sponsor’s wife called up her Syrian husband and informed him that she had been calling their 38-year-old Filipina house help but her mobile was switched off.

When the couple reached their flat in Al Warqa, they discovered that the house help had absconded after stealing Dh44,000 from the safe.

Police arrested the Filipina few days after the incident.
The maid pleaded not guilty and told the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday that she did not take anything from the safe.The Syrian sponsor told prosecutors that he was busy at work when his wife informed him over the phone that their house help had absconded.

“My wife called me around 2.15pm and told me that the house help had not answered her calls and that her mobile phone was switched off. My wife was also at work. When we went home, we did not find the house help … we also realised that she had opened the safe and stole our money. We notified the police about it,” the sponsor testified to prosecutors.

A police sergeant told prosecutors that a thorough investigations led to the arrest of the house help.
“During questioning, the house help admitted that she took her passport and ID card from a cupboard and Dh500 from a drawer in the bedroom before she left the flat,” the sergeant told prosecutors.

When asked by presiding judge Urfan Omar about what she wants from the court, the Filipina replied that she wants to return home. A ruling in the case will be announced on February 27.'

Source: GN

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