Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hell No!!....Man beats ex-girlfriend, sets her on fire in Dubai office

A man, who attacked his former compatriot girlfriend with a baseball bat at her workplace before slitting her throat, admitted a premeditated murder charge on Sunday.

The Court of First Instance was told the 29-year-old shipping  supervisor, from Kenya, planned the attack in advance after the victim broke up with him in spite of all the help and money he had spent on her.

He went on March 1, 2016, to her office in Silicon Oasis. He carried a fuel-soaked piece of clothes with which he set a carpet there on fire before chasing the victim around.

He struck her head twice with the baseball bat and then finished her off with stabs in her neck and chest. 
He went walking to Sharjah.

A police officer, who interrogated the accused, said : "He told us the victim had been his girlfriend for 7 years and he brought her here in 2014. He got her a job and let her live with him.

However, about 3 or 4 months before the incident, she suddenly broke up with him and would always avoid his attempts to get back together. 

She ignored his desperate threats of killing her. He got angry because he borrowed lots of money to please her. 

On the incident day, he went to her workplace where he hesitated for some time until he decided to do it. He had arranged for a baseball bat, gas canister, fuel and a knife".

The accused went to the victim's office where he first used the gas and fuel, causing thick fume and an explosion sound to terrify the employees. He chased the victim who tried helplessly to get out of his way.

He struck her head more than once with the baseball bat and then slit her throat with the knife. 

The victim's close friend, a 27-year-old Kenyan, said the defendant had been stalking and harassing her countrywoman during the few months leading to the fatal attack. "She moved out to live with me in the International City in October 2015.

My colleague opened the company's door for him without looking first".
An Indian female employee, 29, said she hid in the washroom as the defendant barged madly inside their office.

 "I hid after he started the fire. I left the door open for the victim but then locked it after I heard the sound of her body hitting the floor".

Police officers said they tracked the defendant's whereabouts through one of their sources at his friend's flat in Sharjah.

"With a warrant from Sharjah public prosecution, the flat was raided and the accused was arrested. He led us to where he hid the clothes he wore at the time of the crime".

The forensic report showed the victim died because of deep stab wounds in the neck and chest. Her body bore skull fractures and serious injuries in her hands showed she tried to protect herself.

A CCTV footage showed the accused entering the building around 5:08 pm and exiting at 5:39 pm without the backpack or the bag he carried earlier.

Source : Khaleej Times 

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