Monday, February 13, 2017

Dubai Municipality to shift 75 per cent of waste from landfills

Dubai Municipality has doubled its efforts to shift 75 per cent of the waste produced in the emirate of Dubai from the landfills, an official said on Sunday.
The move is in line with the environmental objectives of the 2021 National Agenda and the National Index, he said.
During the opening of an awareness exhibition on sustainable environmental practices at Mirdif City Centre, Abdul Majeed Sifai, Director of Waste Management Department and Head of Sustainable Waste Management Awareness Team at Dubai Municipality said the municipality is also educating the public to spread the concept and culture of waste reduction.
The exhibition, organised by the municipality, was aimed at promoting projects and initiatives in the field of waste management activities based on the highest approved standards among the public.
“We are multiplying our efforts to educate all segments of the public in order to activate the role of the community in achieving the goals and aspirations of the wise leadership to have maximum benefit by increasing segregation and recycling of waste at source,” said Sifai.
The awareness exhibition included many initiatives and projects such as “promoting the outstanding cleaning worker”, as well as drawing and handicraft workshops to make children aware of the importance of reducing waste and maintaining a clean environment.
A number of video films were also shown pertaining to public health and safety of the community in Dubai.
A special stall was set up to create awareness about the waste segregation at source project, “My City, My Environment” and another one to raise awareness on the waste segregation centres project, “Smart Sustainability Oasis.”
There was also a stall for the electronic game, “Green Factory,” which will be available through Apple Store and Google Play. The game aims to educate the public, especially children and young people, on the importance of sorting and reducing waste and its impact on the society and the environment.
Source:Gulf News

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