Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dubai: Gang arrested for robbing Dh3.6 million($978,480) in Dubai

Dubai Police have arrested a 10-member gang of Cameroonians who robbed Dh3.6 million from a money exchange office on February 15, police said on Sunday.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of “Police and General Security” in Dubai, said the 10 suspects were arrested and the money was recovered from them within 48 hours.

“The gang stole money from exchange office in Dubai, but we arrested them and recovered the money. Officers from Criminal Investigation Department played a great role in arresting the gang and recover the money,” Lt General Tamim said.
Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said on February 15 the police received a call about a robbery at a hotel at Muraqabbat area.
It was found that an Arabic businessman was conned by the gang members who told him that they would invest his money and he called the exchange office asking them to bring the money to the hotel room.
“He was a trusted customer and the exchange officials knew him, so they sent three Asian employees who brought the money in bags. When the employees and the businessman entered the room, the gang attacked them and used tape to muzzle them and tied their hands and legs before stealing the money,” 
Major-General Al Mansouri said. The suspects fled the hotel with the money.A cleaner who was checking the room, found the four men and informed the police.
The police launched a major hunt and managed to identify the men before arresting them in a neighbouring emirate. Another suspect was arrested while trying to leave the country. However, three suspects had left the country to Oman, and Dubai Police arrested them in cooperation with Omani police authority. 
They were caught with Dh100,000 and the rest of the money was recovered in Dubai.
“It was a hard task for Dubai Police as the Arabic businessman didn’t know they were a gang and he thought they were investors. He made a mistake by transferring the money to a hotel room without using a proper transportation company to secure the money,” Maj General Al Mazroui added.
The ten suspects will be referred to Dubai Public Prosecution'
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