Sunday, February 19, 2017

18 Instances Where Historic Art Knew What Was Going On...

Check out this hilarious list of medieval reactions and pictures put together by 

Number 5 and  8 had us in tears.

1.Getting your moneys worth on free refills at fast food restaurants.

2. When a teacher is checking my work.


3. When your baby is too old for it’s time with the ladies

4. When the DJ drops an absolute belter in the club

5. When you’re the last person at the party and the couple are waiting for you to leave.

6.We all know one of these…

7.When you’re queueing for ages at the store

8.When you get to a friends house.

9.When your outfit is on point

10.When bae mad at you…


12.We’ve all been this drunk before…

13.Parents will never get it..

14.When you wake up and think ‘how drunk was I last night?

15.When you get home after the first day in the gym and look for those abs

16.When you’re the hilarious one of the group..

17.When you hear someone talking behind your back

18.How I feel about PDA

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