Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Interview Scandal

My first ever interview was right after high school with a TV station for the role as a pesonal assistant. 

As occasion demands I did my background research on tips on great interviews, the time to arrive, what to wear and how to compose myself during the interview and everything possible to know about interviews.

Well, with all this research one would have  thought I would be fully prepared and geared for the day. Lol, it didn't happen as such as I decided to test the waters with my own craziness.

It's normal to arrive at an interview 30 minutes before start time or at least an hour early. But guess what I was there 4 hours early, yes 4 good hours early.
Events within this 4 hours as I sat patiently in the lobby could be the reason why I didn't qualify for the job, lol

The first 1 hour of my stay at the lobby was welcomed by the talk pretty receptionist,  however the next three hours afterwards was amazingly awkward, hehe. So this is what happened;

After one hour I asked whether there is any cafeteria around so I could go grab some breakfast since I had nothing before leaving home. Well she showed me the nearest cafeteria which was 15 minutes walk away, after my breakfast I decided to take another 20 minutes of walk around the vicinity.
Upon my return, I sat down gently and began reading a magazine which was on the desk, yes Vogue October issue, lol such an impression I was making right and there.

I was later introduced to the HR manager who had seen me earlier when she arrived at work 2 hours ago.

Everyone kept asking why I was so early and  my response was because I wanted to beat traffic and also because I didn’t have anything important to do at home at that moment. Yes! I said that!!! LOL

A terrible incident happened few minutes later. One of the visitors who was vacating the office walked into the transparent office door thinking it was opened.

His head created a big hole in the door with pieces of glass shattered all over the floor. Honestly the bang was so loud one would have thought it was two vehicles that have collided.

I laughed!! Yes I laughed out so loud it was quite contagious that all the staffs that came out to witness the  scene joined in laughing. Mind you this gentleman was bleeding from the forehead.

Tell me,  just tell me if you were an HR manager would you hire someone like me afterwards?!

Well the interview moment arrived and the session went well, except for the part I asked if they could print out my CV for me since I went empty handed. I was joined by three other individuals who were also interviewing for the same position.

I went home thinking out loud how events unfolded and I realized my mistakes. Thank God I learnt my lessons that young and can now say I have a best jobs I could think off.

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